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Shooting Range

Boondocks Gun Club features 6 shooting lanes, with a maximum distance of 75 feet. Target operators are electric (no hand winching required) and can be set to any distance the shooter would like. Each shooting booth is 46″ wide with a 13″ deep shooting bench. Booths are 60″ deep, providing ample room for shooters. Each booth is separated by solid 6″ walls. A bench runs the length of the range area for shooters to keep their gear. A rifle rest can be installed in any booth for sighting in scopes or for shooting from a sitting position with a sandbag or rest.

The lobby area provides a comfortable place to wait for a lane to become available. Guests can also observe family or friends in the range, from the comfort of the lobby area.

Don’t forget about the bow range. It offers the same 75’ distance for bow shooters and can also be utilized for air rifles.

Range Rates

Range Rules and Safety

  1. Boondocks Gun Club staff reserve the right to deny access to the range for any reason. 16 + MUST HAVE A VALID STATE ID FOR ADMITTANCE
  2. All firearms for range use must be unloaded and cased when entering or exiting the facility.
  3. No un-holstering of your firearm for ANY reason.
    All firearms for range use must be unloaded and cased anytime you are outside of your lane.
  4. No uncased firearms are permitted outside the shooting lane. You may load magazines outside of you range lane,
    but uncased guns must ALWAYS stay in your shooting lane pointed down range.
  5. Hearing and eye protection must be worn at all times within the range.
  6. No more than 2 persons per range lane.
  7. You must be at least 18 years of age to use the range. If you are under 18 you must be with a parent or legal guardian who has a valid FOID, or your parent or legal guardian must also be accompanied by someone with a valid FOID who is over 21 years of age.
  8. FOID card holders 18-20 years of age may shoot only long guns of pistol caliber unless accompanied
    by a FOID card holder over the age of 21.
  9. If you wish to rent a firearm you must have a valid FOID card or be accompanied by someone with a valid FOID card.
    You must also show a valid State ID.
  10. No persons under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, or who are intellectually and/or developmentally disabled,
    or who are felons are allowed to use the range.
  11. No food, drink, tobacco or gum are permitted in the range.
  12. Boondocks reserves the right to inspect and deny use of any customer supplied ammunition, firearms, targets, etc. The following are prohibited: fully automatic or black powder firearms; armor piercing, tracer or steel core ammunition; exploding, metal, wood, personal image, disparaging, inciting or ground level targets.
  13. No rapid firing. Double taps are allowed.
  14. In case the firearm malfunction that you are unable to safely and effectively fix, promptly lay the firearm on the shooting bench with the muzzle pointed down range and notify Boondocks personnel.
  15. Shoot at your targets only- not range fixtures, equipment, the walls, the floor, the ceiling, or other people’s targets.  Repeated strikes to our equipment will result in the revocation of your range time without refund.
  16. All firearms must be unloaded and cased before leaving your range lane.
  17. You may collect only your own spent cartridge casings.

Boondocks memberships

Tier I – $60 Monthly / $648 Annually if paid in full (10% discount)

Tier II – $40 Monthly / $432 Annually if paid in full (10% discount)

* Add a spouse for $120 annually or $10 monthly

* Children Under 18 living within the household included free

* Monthly payments must be set up as recurring.

gun club memberships