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Frequently Asked Questions at Boondocks Gun Club

Q.  I am an Illinois resident and I do not have a FOID card.  Can I come to the range and shoot?
A.  Illinois residents that do not have a FOID card can shoot in the range, however, they need to be accompanied by someone with a FOID card, who is 21 or older.  The non-FOID holder will have to share a lane with the person who has a FOID.

Q.  I am a resident of another state/country and I do not have a FOID card.  Am I allowed to shoot in the range?
A.  Yes. Only Illinois residents are bound by FOID requirements. Out of state guests are welcome and there are no restrictions for out of state residents.

Q.  What are the age restrictions for children?
A.  It is up to the parent/guardian to determine the proper age. Children of all ages are welcome, so long as they conduct themselves in a responsible manner and abide by all of the range safety rules.

Q.  I am under 21, but I have my own FOID.  Can I come to the range and shoot?
A.  Guests under 18 must be accompanied by an adult, 21 or older with a valid FOID.  Guests between the ages of 18 and 21 may only shoot rifles unless they are with an adult FOID holder.

Q.  What firearms/ammunition is allowed in the range?
A.  Acceptable firearms are handguns, rimfire rifles & rifles/carbines chambered for handgun calibers.  Centerfire ammunition used cannot have a muzzle velocity greater than 2000 feet/second.  Centerfire rifles/ammunition are not allowed in the range.  If you have a unique firearm/caliber that you would like to shoot, please ask the range staff to see if it is acceptable.

Q.  Can I shoot my rifle outside?
A.  No.

Q.  Are there restrictions on the type of ammunition that I can shoot?
A.  Generally no. You may bring any factory-produced ammunition that you please.  Aluminum and steel cases are acceptable, as well as lead bullets.  FMJ ammunition is preferred.  Hand loaded ammunition is also allowed, provided they are loaded to industry specifications for the specific caliber.  Steel core, tracer, or incendiary ammunition is not allowed.  If you have a question about the ammunition that you wish to shoot, please ask the range staff.

Q.  How old do I need to be to rent a firearm to shoot?
A.  You need to be at least 21 to rent a firearm.

Q. I wish to rent a pistol, but I have my own ammunition.  Why must I buy your ammunition?
A.  Ammunition for range firearms must be purchased from the range, for safety and liability reasons. We do not know if the ammunition that you have is to factory specifications.  Under certain circumstances, guests may be allowed to use their ammunition in a range firearm.  This is solely up to the discretion of the range staff.

Q.  Do you have memberships?  Do you take reservations?
A.  The range is open to the public. We have memberships available.  If you have a group or a special circumstance, where you would like to book a time outside of normal business hours, please call to discuss.

Q.  I have a new firearm that I wish to bring to the range.  Will you show me how to use/field strip/clean it?
A.  The staff is happy to assist, whenever possible.  It is up to you, however, to know how your firearm operates, how to safely use it, and how to properly maintain it.

Q.  Do you do any repair or gunsmith work?
A.  No.  We do not do any repair or gunsmith work at the range.

Q.  Do I have to purchase ammunition or targets at the range to shoot?
A.  No.  While we appreciate if you do purchase your targets and ammunition from us, it is not required.

Q.  How many people can shoot on a single lane?
A.  Any number of people can share a single lane.  Additional persons on a lane are charged at an additional $5.00 per person.  There is a limit of 2 persons in the lane at any time.

Q.  What is your policy on drawing from a holster or rapid-fire?
A.  Both are generally discouraged.  If you wish to draw from a holster, inform the range staff prior to going into the range.  Only OWB holsters or duty/competition type holsters will be allowed.  Drawing from a concealed or shoulder holster is not allowed under any circumstances.  If you wish to rapid-fire, consult the range staff before entering the range.  Rapid-fire must be kept to a minimum and should be limited to double-tap shots.  Anyone observed shooting/drawing in an unsafe manner will be asked to stop.  Continued violation of this policy will result in removal from the range.