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Boondocks Annual Memberships Are Now Available!

veteran owned business
ffl dealer


Looking to transfer a firearm you purchased online?  We are a licensed Federal Firearms Dealer and are happy to help you complete your transfer.

gun range

Gun Range

Our classic indoor gun range gives gun owners and enthusiasts the opportunity to practice their shot with a variety of handguns, rifles, & ammunition.

range simulators

Range simulators

Practice your accuracy and timing with our shooting range simulators. Our simulators give you the flexibility to choose the kind of target you’d like to practice.

ccw classes

CCW Classes

We offer concealed carry classes to educate you on the importance of gun safety and the appropriate times to use your weapon when your safety is threatened.

shooting leagues


Join our shooting league and attend group meetings to connect with fellow gun enthusiasts while gaining additional insight on proper gun etiquette.

Boondocks Gun Club is Now Open

Welcome to the newly open and renovated Boondocks Gun Club! We are a monitored indoor gun range that strives to offer Springfield, IL residents the opportunity to learn more about gun safety, while improving the accuracy and timing of their shooting. Our staff is certified and trained on a variety of firearms and the appropriate ways to use them. If you’re looking to book a time slot for a private event, we offer range rental services that are perfect for any gathering. Licensed CCW classes are available for FOID card holders eager to learn about gun safety and emergency protection. What are you waiting for? Stop on by to Boondocks Gun Club today!

shooting range near springfield illinois

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Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to start you on your journey.

new shooters welcome
shooting classes

Learn From the Best

Our staff is highly trained and certified in teaching gun owners the essentials of gun safety and how to improve the accuracy of their shooting.

corporate gun range events

Corporate & Special Events

Looking for a personalized gun training session or a space for your hunting group to practice? We offer a variety of range rental services.

shooting leagues

Join A Shooting League

Connect with individuals who are as passionate about gun safety and the art of shooting as you are. Join our gun league and attend weekly meetings!

annual memberships available

Range Memberships

If you enjoy shooting, take advantage of our annual membership discounts.  Memberships include unlimited weekday or weekend shooting.